The advantages of using Google Fonts in web design

The advantages of using Google Fonts in web design

When it comes to web design, typography plays an important role in balancing the overall look of the website theme. This makes selecting the font-face a crucial part of the website design process because it will not only represent the website’s vision, but also affect the user’s mood.

In order to design a successful/attractive website, you need to find the right kind of font-face that matches your website’s content. And having access to a good selection of fonts to play around with can make the process much easier. As a result, many web designers are now using Google’s web fonts as their default font database. With over 680 font families to choose from, Google Fonts comes with plenty of great perks and features. Read along to find out about some of the advantages of using Google Fonts in your next web design project.

It's Free to Use

The best, if not the most obvious, reason to use Google Fonts over any other service is its zero-cost price tag. Which allows you to select and use any Google font-face for free of charge.

A premium font may give your website an original look, but it will also take a huge chunk from your design budget. For example, the Sofia Pro font family features 16 different font-faces and it costs $250 to use, with a single font-face priced at $25. They also come with a 500k monthly pageview limit. The worst part is that you won’t have the freedom to go back and try out a different font once you make the purchase.

Cross Platform Rendering

Different rendering systems in different browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices can cause font render errors on some devices. This can sometimes mess up the look of the entire website by displaying distorted text.

Thanks to Google’s incredibly fast content delivery network (CDN), you no longer have to worry about those cross-platform issues anymore. Google Fonts now supports all major browsers, as well as a wide range of mobile devices, including devices running Android 2.2+ and iOS 4.2+.

Google Fonts also support the installation of fonts via CSS for deeper cross-browser compatibility.

No Licenses Required 

Since all of the fonts on Google Fonts are released under Open Source license, you are free to select any font in the database and use them however you want. You can download, customize, print, use on commercial projects and do much more.

Google Fonts competitors, such as Adobe Typekit, has very strict licensing rules limiting the number of websites allowed to use a typeface and forcing the user to embed a JavaScript code that they provide. Typekit also requires users to sign up with an account before using a font. The Free account only allows users to select two font families to be used on a single website. Pro accounts cost $50 / a year. Typekit also restricts users from downloading fonts.

Unlimited Usage

Unlike most other web font services, Google Fonts doesn’t have a bandwidth or pageview limitation. This allows you to use any font on any number of websites with no obligations. 

Google Fonts serve billions of pageviews every month for free while other subscription services such as Typekit limits their font use to only 500k pageviews a month for each website. Typekit free account limits the pageview amount to 25k. This can cause problems when you’re designing for high-traffic websites.

Faster Loading Times

Google Fonts are much more lightweight than Typekit and self-hosted fonts. Google has compressed each font for speedier download, allowing each web page to download in a split second on any platform, without affecting the font quality.

You can also figure out the best font combination for your website with the fastest loading time by using the nifty font selection interface on Google Fonts to choose only the font-faces you want to use on the website.  

Even though Google Fonts is free to use, you should never choose fonts for websites at random. Typography is the foundation of website design. If you have no experience in web design, it’s best to consult an expert. Web Industries is an excellent web design, development and project management agency that consists of an excellent group of specialists. You can contact them via email or call +64 (4) 889 0930 to ask for support.

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