We become a technical extension to your team

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Every website requires quality maintenance and support throughout its life cycle to maximise your long term return on investment.

Drupal Support and Maintenance

What's the best way to support a site?

Like most pieces of machinery, a web application requires ongoing maintenance and performance tuning. We often compare it to buying and servicing a car. If you've just bought the car of your dreams, you'll want to service it periodically - making it safer, more efficient, less prone to breakage, and extending its life.

Thinking about a website, what's appropriate may range from periodic security updates with minor enhancements over time; through to proactive weekly activity and improvements.

We can help your team with all sorts of things!

Of course, maintenance and improvements take time and often some planning and technical knowledge. We can become a technical extension of your team, leaving them free to focus on their specialty while we take care of all the technical details. Plus, we'll provide ongoing consulting and guidance around best practice digital strategies and potential opportunities to adopt new tools.

Exploring and implementing new features and improvements

Applying periodic security updates

Ongoing team support and training

Assisting with content creation and layouts

Making minor configuration or style adjustments

Monitoring logs to identify and address bugs

We customise how we provide support.

Different organisations have different levels and types of support they require, and so for each client we determine the most appropriate support arrangement.

Some clients require assistance only periodically - perhaps with creating some advanced content or minor improvements and enhancements, and in this case, we recommend working with us on an ad-hoc and reactive model. As you need support with making changes to your site, you just let us know. We'll estimate the task and then following approval, schedule it and set about making it happen.

Some clients require more regular assistance, and that we work more proactively to identify iterative improvements and apply regular maintenance and system updates. We determine an appropriate number of hours per month or quarter, and handle any task thrown at us. We'll work with you to identify and schedule enhancements, monitor your site Drupal logs and address any issues that arise, and apply Drupal Security updates on a regular cycle.

If you require some mix of both, that is no problem! No matter how you work with us, we respond within 24 hours to let you know we've received your request and when we expect to have it complete. Whenever possible, we aim to respond the same working day.