We become a technical extension to your team

Drupal Support and Maintenance

Every website requires quality maintenance and support throughout its life cycle to maximise your long term return on investment.

Drupal Support and Maintenance

The best approach to maintaining and improving your website?

Like most pieces of machinery, a web application requires ongoing maintenance and performance tuning. We often compare it to buying and servicing a car. If you've just bought the car of your dreams, you'll want to service it periodically - making it safer, more efficient, less prone to breakage, and extending its life.

Thinking about a website, what's appropriate may range from periodic security updates with minor enhancements over time; through to proactive weekly activity and improvements.

Drupal team support and training

We can help your team with all sorts of things!

Of course, maintenance and improvements take time and often some planning and technical knowledge. We can become a technical extension of your team, leaving them free to focus on their specialty while we take care of all the technical details. Plus, we'll provide ongoing consulting and guidance around best practice digital strategies and potential opportunities to adopt new tools.

New Drupal features and improvements

Exploring and implementing new
features and improvements

Applying Drupal security updates

Applying periodic
security updates

Ongoing team support and training

Ongoing team support
and training

Drupal content creation and layouts

Assisting with content
creation and layouts

Drupal configuration and style adjustments

Making minor configuration
or style adjustments

Fixing Drupal log errors and bugs

Monitoring logs to
identify and address bugs

We provide support in two ways.

Bucket Model: Proactive Approach
Bucket Model: Proactive Approach
  • With a fixed number of hours each quarter dedicated to maintenance and support, we'll handle any task thrown at us.
  • We'll work with you to identify and schedule iterative improvements, which can include the addition of entirely new features.
  • We'll monitor your site Drupal logs and proactively address any issues that arise.
  • We'll apply Drupal Security updates on a regular cycle; with Critical updates applied with urgency on release.
  • We'll respond within 24 hours, and as we'll have your time scheduled in, we'll be able to provide rapid and accurate resolution times.
As-you-go Model: Reactive Approach
As-you-go Model: Reactive Approach
  • As you need support with making changes to your site, you just let us know. We'll estimate the task and then following approval, schedule it and set about making it happen.
  • At the end of each month we progress bill for any time spent to-date.
  • Our completion times may be a bit slower at times, as we'll have to schedule your tasks depending on our current workload. 
  • We'll still always respond within 24 hours though! To let you know we've seen your request and when we'll be able to make a start.

We've been working with Drupal since 2007, for commercial and public sector clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We build powerful mobile-friendly Drupal websites, provide ongoing maintenance of your Drupal site, and offer rapid and responsive support for your staff. We support both systems we've built and those we haven't.

If you'd like to talk about leveraging Drupal to make your next web project a success or support for your existing Drupal site, we'd love to hear from you!