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Using Drupal and Web Industries, you get leading-edge CMS software, combined with over a decade of experience configuring it!

Drupal Website and Application Development

Ready to start?

If you have figured out what you need and you're ready to hit the 'Start' button on your project, then we're ready to help! If you haven't progressed quite that far yet, then we can help ensure a clear visual, content, and technical strategy is developed and followed. All of the designs we prepare will be high-fidelity and fully mobile and tablet-friendly.

We've been working with Drupal since 2007, for commercial, not-for-profit, and public sector clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.

We build powerful mobile-friendly Drupal websites, provide ongoing maintenance of your Drupal site, and offer rapid and responsive support for your staff. We support both systems we've built and those we haven't.

If you'd like to talk about leveraging Drupal to make your next web project a success or support for your existing Drupal site, we'd love to hear from you!

So, what can we do?

Rather than provide boilerplate 'This is how we develop stuff' content, we thought it might be useful to provide a few high level examples of work we've completed to demonstrate our capabilities.

CMS migration and new component-based design system

Migrated a content publishing platform from Silverstripe to Drupal 8. After a deep audit of the existing IA, content and UX, we prepared a new IA developed content entity definitions using a common set of components.

Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 content management system upgrade

Completed a custom migration path from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 by selectively rebuilding the CMS using a new entity and webform architecture, imported content, and reimplemented the Bootstrap theme and custom modules.

Drupal component-based design system and re-theme

Implemented a component-based design system using Paragraph types mapped to design components, with a twig templating system and custom responsive solutions. Allowing easy content management and flexibility while remaining true to visual identity.

Drupal Webform to Salesforce integration middleware

Implemented a custom Salesforce API integration to populate multiple referenced Salesforce Objects on Drupal Webform submission, using a combination of Salesforce Suite modules and custom webform submission data handling.

Drupal Commerce 2 to Xero integration middleware

Implemented a custom Xero integration with conditional Push Strategies to accommodate a mixed GST-inclusive/exclusive product set, and populate new Xero Invoices after a completed Drupal Commerce Order.

eCommerce system and payment gateway

After a Drupal 9 Commerce 2 set up, including recurring payments, we implemented a custom onsite payment gateway module for eWay using the Rapid SDK for tokenised onsite payments.

Blockchain crypto game, Drupal backend, custom REST API & ReactJS

Developed a Drupal backend for a blockchain-driven game and crypto wallet system, allowing custom creation and management of GETH nodes, writing smart contracts to the blockchain without GAS, communicating with a custom-built REST API, and a ReactJS frontend for isometric display of the property map landscape.

Dynamic chart creation and display, with custom theming

Implemented a charting library, allowing content managers to create rich charts from CSV data, with simple configuration and customisation steps. It was necessary to apply custom theming for style guide adherence, and to allow charts to be create within a Paragraph architecture.

Custom Google and Baidu mapping rendering and multilingual handling

Leveraged early alpha-stage Bootstrap 3 with custom Drupal Display Suite layouts and custom masks for both Google and Baidu mapping objects, including language translation based on Geo IP and location, with custom rendering of all map layers and automated switching of map content from Google to Baidu.

Workflow-driven content publishing, with content syndication

Implemented a custom workflow moderation and syndication workflow, operating across a multi-domain/site Drupal instance, and allowing for content to syndicated on a case-by-case basis.

Custom DevOps automated deployment pipeline

Leveraged Bitbucket's Pipelines for continuous integration and to automatically build, test, and deploy code through to relevant development environments.

Drupal optimised hosting environment

Established a custom hosting and security infrastructure, optimised for Drupal, including a range of administrative tools, and CDN and remote asset infrastructure for increased frontend performance.