Business and Economic Research

Business and Economic Research

Project background

As one of New Zealand's most prominent economic and business research consultancies, BERL had a desire to to transition their brand away from its heritage to a more future-focused, digitally-integrated positioning. Following a brand refresh process, we implemented a digital publication and distribution platform that migrated the editorial and design control away from a design agency, directly back to the client.


Project scope

Drupal 8 was used as the content management system, which was developed using a component-based design system. At its core, the website serves as a digital publication platform, allowing BERL to easily create and publish a range of different article types.

Being a component based system, creating content is an easy process - content managers can select the content element they want to add, populate the required details, and save. All of the layouts and style guide adherence is baked into the site theme, so it always looks just like it should.

Included within the site, is the ability for content managers to build and customise charts using an external charting system that's deeply integrated into the content management system. 

Development has been an ongoing process, with addition of new content sections and functionality over time.


Key takeouts

By introducing a clear site structure and navigation hierarchy along with a digital-focused design system and search-engine friendly content, we ensure BERL is seen, and the difference that they can make is clear to prospective clients.

Services provided

Dedicated testing
Front and backend web development
Managed cloud infrastructure
New Zealand-based support
Project Management
Solution Architecture
Support Management
Technical Audit
UX & design